Andy Oxbow and Daryl (Double D Daryl) brought an acoustic orchestra together in the winter of 2007/2008; we were all from the beautiful wee village of Collieston, which we’re sure informed our music and how we played.

Since then we’ve gone back to a standard(ish), and ever-evolving, band line up as the Oxbow Lake Band. We’ve continued to experiment and have been through periods of writing trad tunes, rockier influences and our love of jazz, soul, funk and hip hop.

Genres are for record companies and not us, but if you come to one of our gigs, you’ll be exposed to endless influences, styles, tempos and emotions. Our live shows are good time events, upbeat and attract dancers like fireflies to a flame(??)

It’s a wee cottage industry we have here; all the artwork, recording and production, promotion, selling etc. is done by the band members and friends, so a big thanks to them all.